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What is Industrial Design?

The Industrial Design course started in 2010 and counts a number of nationalities among its multidisciplinary staff. The emphasis is on ‘ambient intelligence’: the design of intelligent products, systems, and services. Over the next couple of years 'ambient care' will receive special attention because health and well-being are among the primary focal areas of both Industrial Design . Because of its broad range of contacts with companies and institutions in Europe and beyond (Singapore, Australia, the United States), Industrial Design is well-equiped to respond to international developments in a pro-active manner.

The most noteworthy characteristics of Industrial Design are its unique educational system, the intensive coaching students receive, the focus on practice-oriented teaching and learning, and the close collaboration with local, national, and international companies and institutions. Self-supporting, responsible students who are creative and have an interest in people will find their way at Industrial Design. Motivation and involvement are important assets, as the Industrial Design Bachelor is a demanding program that often requires more than a day’s work...



Digital Rapet Models



It goes without saying that the means of designing product is changing following the appearance of the times of information, and the digital design with deep modern features has become the main tool of industrial product design. In the paper, severe of digital technologies which have been paid attention to by domestic and oversea scholars are introduced particularly, including reverse engineering (RE), rapid prototyping (RP), virtual reality (VR), tactile design (TD) and digital product model. At same time, digital technology applied in industrial product design is discussed

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